Dr Selina Stone

Dr Selina Stone is a theologian and religious scholar committed to producing and sharing knowledge that contributes to liberation, justice and healing. Her professional work is informed by her roots, growing up as a Black girl in a loving working-class family in inner-city Birmingham, and in her Black Pentecostal church. Both contexts provided her with an instinctive concern for the vulnerable and overlooked and the motivation to think critically about faith and spirituality. 

As a community organiser, she worked to tackle exploitative lending to communities in socio-economic precarity. As a lecturer, she brought public issues and marginalised voices to the centre of theological education. She is currently working at Durham University to diversify and decolonise theological education and ministry training in the UK. She is a sought-after speaker, preacher, writer and advisor for those working in the sectors of faith, charity and theological education.

Dr Selina Stone

Consultancy and Training

Dr Stone uses her skills in qualitative research, data analysis and education to identify the issues affecting teams and organisations and propose workable solutions. Her insight into contemporary social and cultural issues, and her theological training, mean she is particularly skilled in working with those concerned with social impact, including faith-based organisations.

For her latest work on clergy wellbeing in the Church of England, please click here: If It Wasn’t For God: Global-Majority Heritage Clergy Wellbeing in the Church of England.

I deliver sessions in person and online on the following themes:
  • Leadership and well-being (including race, class and gender issues)
  • Power in theory/theology and practice
  • Decolonising theological education
  • Preaching and teaching in a post-Christian context
  • Pentecostal history, theology, spirituality and ethics
  • Womanist, Black and Liberation theologies